A Case for Traveling with Your Siblings

In an effort to become more deliberate about creating fun, shared experiences, we organized our first Sibs Trip in 2014. It was so fun adventuring and seeing new parts of the world together that we vowed to make it an annual thing. As we prepare for our fifth annual Sibs Trip, l took a trip down memory lane and reminisced about all of the cool things we've seen and experienced together! 

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Treat Yo'Self - A Pike's Place Philosophy

Planning a day of birthday deliciousness reminds me of the time my mom and I spent exploring our inner foodie at Pike's Place Market in Seattle.  "Eat Something Delicious from Pikes Place Market" is an item from the original bucket list, which means that I've been eyeing this gastronomic mecca for a little over a decade.  At this time last month, when my  mom and I were frolicking in the greater Seattle area, I knew my time had come. 

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Secret Nerd Behaviors and That Time I Visited Endor

There's this one episode of Sex and the City in which Carrie talks about Secret Single Behaviors, or the things you do alone and in the privacy of your own home because you'd be too embarrassed if people found out just how weird you are.  Carrie's is something like spreading jelly on saltines and eating them while standing up in her kitchen.  I know...IS THAT SERIOUSLY ALL THAT SHE WILL ADMIT TO?

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Two If By Sea - Naval Highlights Along the Freedom Trail [Boston]

In 7th grade, maybe 8th, I was assigned a report on Benjamin Franklin.  I don't remember much about the report itself, only that I went wild in my research.  It started out with a collection of small books from the library (yes, we actually used books as references, I'm ancient).  These books were more than enough to fulfill the assignment, and I tore through them rapidly.  Wanting to find out more, I checked out the fattest Benjamin Franklin book I could find and read that too--cover to cover.  He was a fascinating dude and I was genuinely interested in learning as much as I could.

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How Hallett Happened

If you vacation with me, we don't sleep in.  I've got limited time off, so I've got things to do. Places to be.  Things to see.  Get your lazy butt out of bed.  

Luckily, I didn't have to do much persuading with Marc and Michael...they were just as eager to get on the trail!  By 6 am, we had parked at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead and had started on our way.  On the itinerary for the day: Bear Lake, Alberta Falls, Mills Lake, the Loch, Timberline Falls, and Sky Pond.

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BroSis 1.0

The beginnings of great adventures come in all forms.

For my recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, that beginning was extremely unexpected.

It all started last December, when I emailed my brother, Marc, to start brainstorming ideas of what to get our younger brother, Michael, for Christmas.  After we both had ideas for Michael, I directed the same question toward him.  "What do YOU want for Christmas?" I asked.

I couldn't believe what he wrote back.

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Brooklyn Bridge to Bierkraft

We woke on Sunday with our sights set on Brooklyn!  

Being the crazy tourist that I am, I snapped a million photos of the Brooklyn Bridge while trying to not get run over by the disgusted cyclists barreling across the pedway.  I loved how the cables stretched across the blue sky, how vivid the buildings on Manhattan appeared, and the little notes written in permanent marker on the bridge's beams.   Below are some of my favorite images. 

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Cloisters and a Lobster Roll

For those that have a bit more time in New York City, I highly recommend stepping away from the chaos and visiting the Cloisters.  

So....what the heck IS the Cloisters?  Don't worry, I didn't have a clue either.

The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located along the Hudson River in Upper Manhattan.  It was about a 30 minute metro ride from Central Park (more about our stroll through Central Park here). The building itself is a rebuilt monastery, full of religious and medieval art and lovely courtyard gardens. 

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Tea at the Plaza

Brigid's request for our weekend in NYC was to go to afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel.  We made our reservation at the Palm Court via Open Table about 6 weeks prior to my visit, which allowed plenty of time to get excited!  After our ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, we hurried back to the apartment to shower and dress in more appropriate attire.  Walking into the Palm Court is to step into a world of luxury and ladies who lunch.  

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On Facing Fears and the Game of G.N.A.R.

On the drive up to Taos, I told Chase my plan to hang out in the lodge the whole weekend instead of skiing.  This trip terrified me; how did people find skiing fun? I had good reason to be afraid.  On a middle school "ski" trip, my biggest accomplishment was making a snow angel and then downing hot chocolate.  Two years ago, I was invited to ski with some friends, and got injured early on the first day.  I spent New Years Eve in the emergency room.  I had barely even made it down a run in the Midwest, so how was I going to survive a western mountain?!

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Planes, Metro, and Automobiles

Visiting Ford's Theater requires a ticket with a timed entry.  As a Sunday afternoon in January, the National Park Service site wasn't crowded, so we were able to enter right away.  We proceeded to the basement of the theater, where there are exhibits about the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the public views on slavery at that time, the Civil War, and the events that led to his assassination.

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Snow in Chicago, Rain in DC

I worked Friday and woke up Saturday to the mild winter of the south a monsoon.  The forecast read 100% rain...all...day.  But I was in DC and I was going to see it, even if I was drenched!! By 8 am, we had packed a lunch and were off.  The name of the game wasn't to see everything, but to spend time in the things we really WANTED to see.  Our itinerary looked a bit like this:

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