Keep in Touch With Old Friends - Raleigh Edition

After one night in St. Louis and one in Nashville, I caught a flight back to Chicago to watch my grandparents renew their vows (after 60 years :)) before boomerang-ing back down to North Carolina.

What's in North Carolina?  My long-lost camping buddy, that's who!  The last time I saw Kari was back in April, when we reunited after 10 years to drink our way through the World Beer Fest.

This time, though, Kari wasn't the only long-lost camping buddy in North Carolina.  With two of her brothers in town as well, we actually were able to gather half of the crew:

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Raleigh Pint Glass

For hanging out at the World Beer Fest all day, finding a pint glass to add to my stately collection was surprisingly difficult. My friend and I were grabbing dinner after the beer fest (let's be honest. This was operation: sober up) and naturally I started chatting with our waitress. I figured that she must live around there and know where I could find a pint glass of a local brew.

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Sweet Frog Had Some Mad Hops

The trip down to North Carolina was short and sweet.   Visiting with my long lost camping bud was a blast!  Let's rewind through the weekend...

I left early on Friday morning, drove to airport, and then proceeded to devour "Catching Fire", the second book in the Hunger Games series.  Quick side note: Katniss Everdeen is a baller.  I'm sick of of wimpy girls in RomComs.  This girl has mojo.

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