Treat Yo'Self - A Pike's Place Philosophy

Planning a day of birthday deliciousness reminds me of the time my mom and I spent exploring our inner foodie at Pike's Place Market in Seattle.  "Eat Something Delicious from Pikes Place Market" is an item from the original bucket list, which means that I've been eyeing this gastronomic mecca for a little over a decade.  At this time last month, when my  mom and I were frolicking in the greater Seattle area, I knew my time had come. 

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Secret Nerd Behaviors and That Time I Visited Endor

There's this one episode of Sex and the City in which Carrie talks about Secret Single Behaviors, or the things you do alone and in the privacy of your own home because you'd be too embarrassed if people found out just how weird you are.  Carrie's is something like spreading jelly on saltines and eating them while standing up in her kitchen.  I know...IS THAT SERIOUSLY ALL THAT SHE WILL ADMIT TO?

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Trip Planning

Airfare – check!  Lodging – check! 

Transportation while there – that’s a w.i.p.  

Now that logistics are worked out, I can get excited about what we’ll do while we’re there.  Our destination is Maine (!) and it seems crazy to me that it's only one month away.  My mom and I started dreaming about this AGES ago. We've adopted the divide-and-conquer strategy.

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Mother / Daughter Trip

Another trip is on the horizon!  In the form of a mother/daughter weekend!  

For my mom, she’s looking forward to the type of trip that the men in my family would never agree to (read: bed and breakfasts, hiking, copious amounts of wine).  

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