Pisac and Piscos and Pig...Guinea Pig

The day after adventuring in Maras, I returned to the Sacred Valley.  

I was determined to tackle two things on my own:  asking for directions and the colectivo.  Prior to coming to Peru, I had never heard of a colectivo.  The concept doesn't really exist in the US, but I can make a loose comparison to car pooling.  You may laugh at my admiration, but if punctuality is not a concern (ha, this is the reason why it doesn't exist in the US), the colectivo is a pretty neat way to get around.  For me, it worked a little like this:

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How Hallett Happened

If you vacation with me, we don't sleep in.  I've got limited time off, so I've got things to do. Places to be.  Things to see.  Get your lazy butt out of bed.  

Luckily, I didn't have to do much persuading with Marc and Michael...they were just as eager to get on the trail!  By 6 am, we had parked at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead and had started on our way.  On the itinerary for the day: Bear Lake, Alberta Falls, Mills Lake, the Loch, Timberline Falls, and Sky Pond.

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Conversations with Strangers

Since the decision to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, getting my arms around a basic itinerary was difficult.  Traveling abroad, especially to the Indochina region, was different than planning the trip to Philly to visit my brother.  In other words, I couldn't just totally wing it and rely on my I.B.D.I.'s. I spent hours poring over Trip Advisor and travel blogs, but that just got me excited without any real progress. I had a rough road map (at best) and it was obvious...I needed to talk to someone.

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Raleigh Pint Glass

For hanging out at the World Beer Fest all day, finding a pint glass to add to my stately collection was surprisingly difficult. My friend and I were grabbing dinner after the beer fest (let's be honest. This was operation: sober up) and naturally I started chatting with our waitress. I figured that she must live around there and know where I could find a pint glass of a local brew.

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Happy Rocks

Last week, in honor of my birthday, I added a new item to my bucket list:  Record (after the fact) some of the meaningful conversations I have with strangers. As I thought more about this, something began to itch in the back of my mind.  I felt like I had written about this topic once before.  I have a binder of old papers from high school and college tucked away in the back of my closet, so decided to do a quick skim.  As it turns out, I had written about talking to strangers before.  In a college admissions essay.

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