Bar Harbor, Maine

Our trip to Maine was a success although--admittedly--not without some minor road bumps.  Even with the almost-missing suitcase, a flight delay, and my terrible navigation skills, we ended up having an awesome long weekend on the Northeast coast.    There's so much to tell, so in order to avoid word vomiting (nice visual, I know :) ), I thought I'd do this post Nat-Geo style...a bunch of "Did You Knows".  Enjoy! 

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Trip Planning

Airfare – check!  Lodging – check! 

Transportation while there – that’s a w.i.p.  

Now that logistics are worked out, I can get excited about what we’ll do while we’re there.  Our destination is Maine (!) and it seems crazy to me that it's only one month away.  My mom and I started dreaming about this AGES ago. We've adopted the divide-and-conquer strategy.

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