Brooklyn Bridge to Bierkraft

We woke on Sunday with our sights set on Brooklyn!  

Being the crazy tourist that I am, I snapped a million photos of the Brooklyn Bridge while trying to not get run over by the disgusted cyclists barreling across the pedway.  I loved how the cables stretched across the blue sky, how vivid the buildings on Manhattan appeared, and the little notes written in permanent marker on the bridge's beams.   Below are some of my favorite images. 

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Cloisters and a Lobster Roll

For those that have a bit more time in New York City, I highly recommend stepping away from the chaos and visiting the Cloisters.  

So....what the heck IS the Cloisters?  Don't worry, I didn't have a clue either.

The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located along the Hudson River in Upper Manhattan.  It was about a 30 minute metro ride from Central Park (more about our stroll through Central Park here). The building itself is a rebuilt monastery, full of religious and medieval art and lovely courtyard gardens. 

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Tea at the Plaza

Brigid's request for our weekend in NYC was to go to afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel.  We made our reservation at the Palm Court via Open Table about 6 weeks prior to my visit, which allowed plenty of time to get excited!  After our ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, we hurried back to the apartment to shower and dress in more appropriate attire.  Walking into the Palm Court is to step into a world of luxury and ladies who lunch.  

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Keep in Touch With Old Friends - Raleigh Edition

After one night in St. Louis and one in Nashville, I caught a flight back to Chicago to watch my grandparents renew their vows (after 60 years :)) before boomerang-ing back down to North Carolina.

What's in North Carolina?  My long-lost camping buddy, that's who!  The last time I saw Kari was back in April, when we reunited after 10 years to drink our way through the World Beer Fest.

This time, though, Kari wasn't the only long-lost camping buddy in North Carolina.  With two of her brothers in town as well, we actually were able to gather half of the crew:

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Sweet Frog Had Some Mad Hops

The trip down to North Carolina was short and sweet.   Visiting with my long lost camping bud was a blast!  Let's rewind through the weekend...

I left early on Friday morning, drove to airport, and then proceeded to devour "Catching Fire", the second book in the Hunger Games series.  Quick side note: Katniss Everdeen is a baller.  I'm sick of of wimpy girls in RomComs.  This girl has mojo.

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Tailgate Trivia

My college roommate and I invented the Stop Moving in the fall semester of our junior year.

Sarah & I shared a room the size of a shoebox for the fall since she would be studying abroad in the spring. Even though we shared a room, we barely saw each other during the week. As an editor of the Marquette Tribune, she clocked long hours cranking out newspapers. I bounced between my campus job, Raynor library, and the Rec faster than a ping pong ball.

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Keep In Touch With Old Friends

Last week, my mom stumbled upon this little gem.  I must have written this post card on the way home from one of our traditional camping trips.  Each summer, we would camp with my dad's friend and his four kids that were around the same age as my brothers and I.   Apparently, I forgot to deliver it to "the car in front of us; Chevy, Suburban".  Derp.

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Festival of the Vine

Someone once tried to convince me that chocolate is a vegetable.  They claimed that eating chocolate fulfilled the 9-a-day requirement since--technically--the cocoa bean was a plant. Normally I'd disagree, but I'm in need of some rationalization because I had chocolate for dinner on Friday night.  I'd feel a heck of a lot better about that decision if each decadent truffle was on par with a carrot.  

Let's relive my tour de veggie...

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