Ireland, Part 3

...continued from Miles 1 - 6 & Miles 7 - 14.

Mile 15: A small group of us had intended to take a road trip out to Galway the day before, but--because I'm a complete airhead and get my days mixed up-- we load up the car and set out a day late.  To drive in a foreign country is to make yourself one part test pilot and one part circus clown.  You don't really know what to expect, and you feel like a complete buffoon while you're at it.    Some of the biggest challenges we face are identifying the roads that aren't marked, mastering the roundabout, and GETTING CLEAR DIRECTIONS FROM LOCALS (read: the most frustrating process in the world)!  After finally reaching Galway, we check in, drop our bags, and get in the car again almost immediately...this time headed north.

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Ireland, Part 2

...continued from Miles 1 - 6

Mile 7:  The next day, we drag ourselves out of bed for the Dublin City Sight-Seeing Tour.  Normally, I wouldn't choose to do a bus tour, but I really like the way this one gives you a lot of freedom to do your own thing.  One ticket allows two days of access to the bus, which does a regular loop of the most popular attractions in Dublin.  You can hop on and off the buses at any of the stops and take as long as you like at each place (you also can stay on the bus and skip stops).  Also, most of the drivers do live commentary/tell funny stories as you're driving along.

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Ireland, Part 1

Overheard on our last night in Ireland:  That was both the shortest and longest week of my life.   True. Story.  Last week was a marathon.  Let's review the mile markers.

Mile 1:  After a lot of this, security checkpoints, and a terrible in-flight movie, we encounter celebrities.  Jedward to be exact.  Never heard of them?  Neither had we, until we spot them in the local paper & find their YouTube video.

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