On Foggy Times and Turning 27 in Cloud City

Maybe "hiking through the fog and rain" is necessary off, as well as on, the Inca Trail in order to have a chance at the experiencing something great.  Maybe having a foggy view of what lies ahead intensifies our reaction to what's there when the clouds lift.  I certainly felt that intensity at Machu Picchu, when things finally cleared up.  

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Find a Career That is Fulfilling

Last August, I finally decided to do something about being unhappy in my job. It hit me that no one would solve my problems but, well, me. So I put on my big girl panties (and, let's be honest, probably pulled out a wedgie) and tried to make sense of what I should be doing. Check out more details about this charade here. So where did all of this get me?

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Find a Career That's Fulfilling - A Starting Point

Last summer, I threw myself a little pity party because I was worried my career would suck me in like a black hole, chew me up, and spit out my bones. Okay, okay, a little dramatic, but you get the picture.

If I'm being honest, the self-pity was really fear. Fear that I would work hard for a job that didn't work for me. Fear that I would spend countless hours in front of a spreadsheet and slowly let myself turn to vanilla. For those that know me, "vanilla" is my ever-so-affectionate term for someone who is just. plain. boring. Especially boring people are vanilla without the little bean flecks. ;) Simkus is vanilla without bean flecks and I did not want to be him:

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