Favorite places in Strasbourg, a Throwback [France]

I lived in Strasbourg during my sophomore year of college, where I attended EM Strasbourg Business School (IECS).  Looking back, it was probably the bravest thing I've ever done.   As Marquette's sole student embarking to Strasbourg, I moved to a foreign country solo, found a studio, found a way to furnish said studio, and realized how shitty my French actually was.

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Flying Kites in Paris

I flew a kite on my 20th birthday in Paris.  I dug up an excerpt from my diary when I was abroad that shows how it all happened...enjoy!

Two weeks ago, my Australian friends and I started planning a trip for our free weekend in March.  My birthday fell smack dab in the middle, so we were excited to get out of Strasbourg to celebrate.  We had originally planned to go to Bordeaux.  Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend with girlfriends vineyard hopping?  Unfortunately, expensive train tickets and long travel times made the trip seem less appealing, so we started to look into option two: the exploring the castles of the Loire Valley.

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