No One Is Going to Do It For You

Big news on the suburban front!  After months upon months of house condo hunting, the headache of securing financing and scraping together the last little bits of a downpayment,  I am the proud owner of my first lil' home.  Fi. Nal. Y.  It has been a hectic couple of days, starting with last Friday's final walk-through and closing. This last stretch progressed relatively smoothly, which you'd never imagine given the hurricane of activity leading up to signing the papers.  The hardest part of it all was handing over the check for the downstroke and closing costs.  That check represented three years of God-awful commutes, hefty overtime and lost sleep.  All of that sweat equity summed up into this small little check that took 2.5 seconds to hand over.  Surely the closing agent had no idea the value of what she held in her hand.  How could she possibly?

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