Apricot/PB Granola Bars

Okay, granola bars.  Take two. I decided that the first batch, was too baked-good-esque and that I needed something a little bit more CHEWY!  I still want to stick to my real food principles, though--no sugar substitutes, unnecessary fats, or additives allowed in these bars.

After surfing some blogs and cookbooks for recipes, I created my own little mixture.  It subs out the wheat flour for rice krispies and leans on the side of a no-bake bar.  Here's the recipe I followed.  

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Ellie Krieger Granola Bars

I'm going to interpret "cook" in this one pretty loosely.    Because currently I want to learn how to make my own granola bars.  More Betty Crocker than Wolfgang Puck, I know.  But since most store-brand granola bars are candy bars in disguise, I like the idea that I could make my own with only the good stuff...real, pronounceable ingredients. I started with a recipe from Food Network's Ellie Krieger.  I figure she's got some street cred :)  

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