On Panic, Wii Brackets, and Turning 26

Last Sunday, my parents and grandparents came over for a birthday brunch.  It was a great visit, but when they left, I felt old.  Ancient, really.

So I did what any logical person would do: got in my sweatpants to watch Beauty in the Beast, drank a mimosa, and panicked.  What if there's not enough time?  What if I can't cross all of the items off the bucket list? What if some items aren't in the cards for me?

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On Lemons, Kindness and Turning 25

How about some other things to celebrate on this day?  Yes, that's definitely better than talking about my age. March 16th is the day that a dear friend received a life-saving transplant.  We like to think of it as her "re-birth" day ;)  This particular friend does not count English as her first language, but she sure has a way with words.  She has given me some of thebestadvice.  Here are some of my favorite little bits of her wisdom:

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