Vacationer and Vacationing - Bro Sis 2.0

Marc and Michael are music snobs.  I don't dish out the "snob" assessment lightly, but believe me...they earn it.  

"Ugh, the key changes!" cries Marc.

"'iiiiii will waiiiiiiiiiittttttttt...' Do you think Marcus Mumford will wait? I don't think he'll wait." whines Michael.

The bane of their existence is the iTunes top 10.  They pine after EPs that weren't followed up with solid albums.  They howl with laughter at the fact that people actually pay to see Taylor Swift.  So yeah, they're my lovable little music snobs.  

The nice thing about having Snobby McSnobbersons as brothers is that, they find (and share) the BEST music.  Over the past couple of years, my brothers have slowly introduced me to the Last Bison and Lord Huron, both of which I really liked listening to when working on the blog.  Michael has also been buying tickets to concerts and inviting me to go along.  We've seen the Last Bison, Lord Huron, and--as of Friday night--Vacationer.  The concert was as Bottom Lounge in Chicago and it was second only to seeing Lord Huron live (that concert BLEW MY MIND).  Vacationer's performance was chill, like they were jamming in the lead singer's basement and invited me over for a sound check.  Totally my scene.

The sounds of Lord Huron and Vacationer represent what we try to achieve in our annual siblings trips.  [For those of you just joining, the first sibs trip was last year in Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can read more about that here and here]  The instrumentals of Lord Huron's songs give you a lost-in-the-woods feel, while Vacationer's songs transport you to some beach-side honky-tonk while you listen to the locals jam your worries away.  Just one listen, and you'll get it.  Listening to this stuff makes you want to get out there and EXPLORE ALL THE THINGS!  

For Bro-Sis 2.0, we chose Zion National Park as our destination, a far cry from the alpine tundra we conquered in Bro-Sis 1.0.  The drastic change in scenery illustrated the equally extreme change of events.  Bro-Sis 1.0 went off without a hitch; Bro-Sis 2.0...well, let's just say that we had some hurdles (you can read more about our ill-fated hike of the Narrows here).

Despite our near-disaster, we still managed to cover 27 miles in two days, with a memorable last-day hike.  Since spraining both of my ankles the previous day, I knew I only had one hike in me; there's no way I could have doubled down to do our usual AM and PM hikes.   We had heard so many good things about Angel's Landing and really were looking forward to crushing that and its "sister" hike, Observation Point, in the same day.  I was the weak link that forced us to choose :(.  Since we like to avoid crowds, we ended up choosing the less popular Observation Point and boy, am I glad we did.  I taped up both ankles, rented hiking poles from a local outfitter, and took it easy.  We hiked nearly the entire trail in solitude.  We passed beautiful slot canyons, colorful sandstone cliffs, and breathtaking views of the park at nearly every switchback.  When we finally reached the top, we were rewarded with sweeping, panoramic views of Zion Valley.  We actually looked down upon Angel's Landing, about a half mile away and at a slightly lower elevation than where we were perched. 

As we stood at the summit of Observation Point, I thought about how fortunate I was to be spending another year exploring a National Park with my brothers.  Good times like these are rare and fragile--how lucky was I to have had one in my pocket at that very moment!

Another Sibs Trip in the books also meant another state down in my all-50 quest. I am at 24/50...almost halfway!  Marc, Michael, and I are already starting to look at next year and are open to your suggestions.  Where should we go next?