What Good is Livin' a Life You've Been Given, If All You Do is Stand in One Place?

The weekend of Bro-Sis 1.0 began with a Friday morning rendezvous in Denver.  Psyched to doing what we had talked about for 6 months, we practically skipped from the airport to the rental car agency.

We drove from Denver to Estes via the Peak-to-Peak Scenic Byway.  Yes, it took a little while longer, but it was worth it.  This route wound through quaint little mountain towns, down into valleys, and around the girth of mountains that seemed to grow in size. We were giddy with excitement, looking hopefully out the window.  

We stopped once in Nederland, which--according to Lonely Planet--has a festival every March called Frozen Dead Guy Days.  Apparently a cryogenically frozen Norwegian dude is hanging out in a local lab...but we didn't see him.  Instead, we got coffee and donuts. ;)

Around 3 pm, we rolled into Estes Park, practically giggling with anticipation.  Mountains!  Fresh air!  Winning!  We checked into our motel, changed into hiking gear, looked grabbed a map, and headed back out the door.  It was a rare afternoon in the mountains in that there wasn't a thunderstorm, and we were prepared to make the most of every minute we had in RMNP.

Our first hike was a short one.  We drove to the Wild Basin trail head and hiked ~ 3 miles to Ouzel Falls.  Originally, we had planned on going all the way to Ouzel lake, but due to the unfortunate flooding, the trail from Ouzel Falls to Ouzel Lake was impassible and still under repair.  

We wandered along pine-scented trails, visiting Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades on the way to our ultimate destination.  Or course, we paused to take many-a-photo...

We continued along, chasing chipmunks and discussing what was going on in our lives.  It was so refreshing to be with my brothers--we can be completely honest about what's going on in our careers, discuss our ambitions, and incessantly make fun of one another.  The miles passed quickly.

By the time we reached Ouzel Falls, the late afternoon sun was streaming through the mist of the falls, which thundered nearby.  We had the trail to largely to ourselves, and the scene was incredibly peaceful.

Some fellow hikers wandered up to the falls and offered to take this picture in front of Ouzel Falls.  It's one of my favorites of the trip!  We spent a while playing around the falls before heading back the way we came.

On our way home from the Wild Basin trailhead, we stopped two places:

(1) Lily Lake to take in the sunset and and (2) The Rock Inn for beers, bison burgers, and some live banjo music.

As I was drifting off to sleep that night, I thought of the Lord Huron song we had listened to while driving through the mountains earlier that day:

What good is livin' a life you've been given; If all you do is stand in one place?

Something about those lyrics really speaks to me.  I have a innate restlessness, something inside me stirs when I think of all the amazing places and people that God has put there for me to see and meet, as a testament to his presence in this world.  I think of the choices ahead of me, choices about career, my home, my plans for the future.  It gets overwhelming, but one thing is clear:  I am not going to ever be standing in one place.