Tea at the Plaza

Do you recognize this hotel?

Do you recognize this hotel?

That's right, it's the Plaza Hotel from Home Alone 2!  Although the Plaza is most commonly known as the stomping grounds of the rich and famous, I associate it with Kevin McCallister's NYC antics.

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Brigid's request for our weekend in NYC was to go to afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel.  We made our reservation at the Palm Court via Open Table about 6 weeks prior to my visit, which allowed plenty of time to get excited!  After our ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, we hurried back to the apartment to shower and dress in more appropriate attire.  Walking into the Palm Court is to step into a world of luxury and ladies who lunch.  

The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel

Afternoon tea service at the Palm Court is from 2 - 5 pm and there are a few fixed prix menus to choose from .  After much deliberation, I ordered The New Yorker, which allowed me to sample each of the foods listed here along with the "Golden Monkey Picked" black tea.

Afternoon tea & cakes cost a pretty penny at the Plaza, but it's SO worth it!

Tea and cakes at the plaza will cost you a pretty penny, but man ohhhhh man, was it worth every cent.  I liked every single thing I tried, but the warm scones with homemade lemon curd were heavenly.  My inner fat kid wanted to eat more of that lemon curd by the spoonful!  Other highlights included a miniature lobster roll, and pistachio macaroon.

Our food arrived on this 3-tiered serving plate

Little tea sandwiches. 

Beautiful assortment of desserts!

This was such a rare treat for us--a relaxed afternoon catching up, sipping tea, and eating like royalty.  Our kind waitress even took our picture with the iconic stained glass ceiling.  I was reluctant to leave, trying to imprint every last detail in my memory as we left the Plaza.  

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