Brooklyn Bridge to Bierkraft

 We woke on Sunday with our sights set on Brooklyn!  

Being the crazy tourist that I am, I snapped a million photos of the Brooklyn Bridge while trying to not get run over by the disgusted cyclists barreling across the pedway.  I loved how the cables stretched across the blue sky, how vivid the buildings on Manhattan appeared, and the little notes written in permanent marker on the bridge's beams.   Below are some of my favorite images. 

Once we crossed the bridge, we had a half hour to kill before the Brooklyn Museum opened.  We stopped for a caffeine fix at Lincoln Station, a local Cafe & Delicatessen with a grassroots vibe to it.  It looked like the place to be for a laid-back (hungover?) brunch spot!

Properly caffeinated, we headed to the Brooklyn Museum, excited to see the exhibit created by a Swoon, a local artist.  In this particular Swoon exhibit, the artist transformed an entire rotunda gallery into a fantasy land, a floating city.  The exhibit serves as her response to Hurricane Sandy and makes a statement about how certain cities are impacted by climate change.  I was impressed at how this world materialized from raw materials like wood, paper, and fabric!  And the colors gave it a mystical feel.

Swoon: Submerged Mortherlands

Strips of colored cloth created the tree

the tree stretched all the way to the rotunda ceiling

We wandered through a few more of the museum exhibits.  I snapped photos of some of my favorites!

Stacked: 700 stainless steel bicycles by Ai Weiwei, a Chinese contemporary artist

I just liked this guy :)

Avarice: Aztec calendar made of corn, with corn products hidden throughout.  Can you find the coke bottles?  The toothpaste?

Being all cultured makes a girl hungry, so we stopped by Bierkraft, a nearby sandwich-shop-meets-craft-beer joint for the most epic sandwich of all time.  After much debate over the menu, I opted for the Serrano, a sandwich with Serrano ham, manchego cheese, fig spread, and arugula, on a crusty baguette.  Holy. Yum.

Special delivery 

In heaven

Inside Bierkraft you'll find beer signs and hear throwback 90's tunage.  There is also an outdoor beer garden.

The afternoon in Brooklyn was my last in New York City.  I was fortunate to have an opportunity to "steal away" from the daily grind in order to spend a long weekend with an old friend. Brigid was such a gracious host, helping with the planning for the weekend and showing off her museum mojo at every turn.  NYC has it's hold on my imagination now; there are so many possibilities of what to see and experience that I have to come back sometime in the near future!

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More fun in New York

A pint glass, collected, as per tradition