On Panic, Wii Brackets, and Turning 26

Last Sunday, my parents and grandparents came over for a birthday brunch.  It was a great visit, but when they left, I felt old.  Ancient, really.

So I did what any logical person would do: got in my sweatpants to watch Beauty in the Beast, drank a mimosa, and panicked.  What if there's not enough time?  What if I can't cross all of the items off the bucket list? What if some items aren't in the cards for me?

Rationality finally stomped out my über-depressing panic session and I realized that the most fulfilling part of the whole bucket list project is in the simple act of trying.  By stepping up to bat on some of these things, I'm defining myself by what I did, not by what I didn't do.

This positive attitude stuck and by this weekend, my age didn't seem to scare me nearly as much.  I was invited to a friend's house to play in a Wii "Just Dance" tourney (we had a bracket and everything :)). We ended up at a nearby bar, dancing to live country music, and bringing in 26.  It was such a wonderful way to usher in the next year!

turning 26
turning 26

Looking back on 25, I was able to cross some items off my list!

As per the birthday tradition, I need some new bucket list items and a birthday athem.  The birthday anthem is easy.  Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" this year.  It's my jam.

The new bucket list items are a little harder to choose.  After much thought, I've decided that the following should be added to the list:

Get a face full of mist from Iguazu Falls (idea courtesy of a friend at work)

Try paddleborarding (because, why not?)

Go on an African Safari (because I can't believe that this is not already on there)

Launch this blog as my own site.  Taking the step over to the dark side...