Learn More About My Grandparents' Lives - 90 Years in Review

A few weekends ago, we celebrated Grandma Peggy's birthday. Friends and family gathered at her neighborhood clubhouse where we looked at the numerous picture displays, shared a luncheon, and toasted her 90 years!

In looking over the picture boards on display, I was surprised to find out a few facts about my grandma.  For one, She was the secretary of the Civil Air Patrol (my grandpa Bob was a member). This picture was taken at American Airport, which became Douglas Airport and is now known as O'Hare International.

Secretary of the Civil Air Patrol

She oil painted over GI's black and white photos so that the GI's parents could have a color photo of their son. This picture was taken in 1944 at Fort Leonard Studio on the army base.

1944 Fort Leonard Studio on the Army Base

She was one of the finalists in a Fort Hood pin-up girl competition and sewed the gold bikini she wore for the contest.  Watch out, Miss America!

On the Way to the pin up contest

Finalist in the gold bikini

Pin Up Competition

I found three pictures that I absolutely love of my grandmother. I didn't know that these existed until I saw them on display at the party. Isn't she beautiful?!

My grandma and aunt

The entire afternoon was lovely and my grandma was very moved to see all of us gathered in honor of her very full life!

90 years young