Catch, Cook, and Eat a Fish

Every year, my family spends a week vacationing on Long Lake, in Wisconsin.  During this trip, my dad typically spends one morning fishing with each of my brothers.  In 2011, we ate the crappie that my dad and brother, Marc, caught on their morning trip.  Back in pre-heart attack times, we fried those lil' guys right up!

This year, Marc was unable to get the time off work to come on our family vacation, so we were a man down :(.  In the past, I had slept in on dad/brother fishing mornings, but since Marc was gone this year I decided to get up at the *crack* and fill in for him.

Boy, am I glad that I did...I was able to knock off another bucket list item!  Here's my story:

I rolled out of bed and zombied out the door at 5 am to meet our guide, Chuck, at the Chippewa Flowage.  Chuck trolled us around the flowage, told us stories of his maple syrup venture, and taught me (the token newb) a few tricks of the trade.

My brother, Michael, my dad & I all caught something--although I will say I think I had a bit of beginners luck ;)  The one on the right is the one I kept. I named him Walley (the non-Walleye).  You make it confusing, since it's a Northern Pike.

I brought the fish home, seasoned it, and cooked in on the grill.

I may have been a little overzealous with the salt, but we were able to enjoy a little bit of fish along with dinner.