I Wouldn't Be Mad if You Called Me Fat Aimee

I never thought I'd actually like running.  I was the girl who did hung-over Turkey Trots. Exclusively. Well okay--you caught me--I still do hung-over Turkey Trots (no comment on the picture below), but I now run a lot more in between the awful 3.1 miles that I put myself through annually.

Turkey Trot 2013

This year, I'm training for three half marathons:  the Trailbreaker Half, the Indy Mini-Marathon, and the Fox Valley Half.  The Trailbreaker Half was yesterday, and I will admit that this was WAY more painful than my first one.  I still had some lingering effects of bronchitis, so it was challenging to push through the final miles.  I came it at 2:07:51 (9:46/mile pace), which I am actually quite proud of, considering that I walked and coughed up a lung for a good portion of Mile 11.  I'm making sure to take care of myself before the next two races so that I can make it under 2 hours this year!

Joe, NIcole, and I after the Trailbreaker Half

As bad as this race felt, there were two silver linings.

The first is that my uncle, who lives in the area, drove to various spots along the trail to cheer me on.  It was a complete surprise and was encouraging to see him, camera in hand, yelling "Go Aimee!"  I also got a chance to visit with my aunt and uncle after the race, which I don't get to do very often since they live out of state.   They invited my friends and I back to their house for lunch and we were cracking up at some of Uncle Scott's famous stories :).  Thank you, Uncle Scott & Aunt Connie!

The second is that I spent the evening in Milwaukee with my friends.  Lauren and I had a hankering for Indian food and ventured out to Maharaja for dinner.  My graduate class used to eat there before our trip to India and for a spice junkie like me, this always hits the spot (if you're curious, I chronicled that trip in a separate blog.  You can read it here).  After a meal of lamb and chana (chick pea) masala, we met back up with Nicole and Joe.   With tired feet and not much motivation, we popped in the movie Pitch Perfect.  If you've never seen this before, cancel your plans tonight and make it happen.  Scenes like these are the reason you will not regret it:

Source: http://www.tickld.com/cdn_image_thing/610310.png

So, well there ya go.  I wouldn't even be mad if you called me Fat Aimee because--Oh my Jesus--that character is hilarious.  

I just need to continue with these half marathons so that the fat part stays a joke! ;)