The Idle Tuesdays of Life

When found my bucket list hanging out with the forgotten discount punch cards in my wallet, the idea for this blog began began to surface.  Reading through it, I realized that I had done some of the things that my 17-year-old self had originally put on there.  Not only could I check off some of the items, but also I could tell a story about it. I vowed its completion soon after finding the list, holding myself accountable  In order to have content--or stories rather--for the blog, I'd have to create the chapter in my own life first.  Planning my adventures to create an environment for stories has challenged me and brought me joy over the last couple of years.

Let's be honest, though.  Some days are for working (have to fund the adventures somehow).  Some days, I simply don't have a bucket list item on my radar.  Some days are idle Tuesdays.

The interesting thing is that the barely perceptible progressions toward something great often happen on the idle Tuesdays of life. Take the bucket list items "find my better half" or "bury a grudge" or "overcome a fear" as examples.  These aren't necessarily things you can plan.  Or force. Or rush.  With time and a little prayer, these things will happen.  I'm not worried.  They will.

Another thing to consider is the element of spontaneity.  Granted, I don't expect to jet off to Machu Picchu on a whim--this bucket list item will take planning, and quite a few immunizations.  However, there's something to be said for not maintaining such a strict itinerary in life.

I was invited on a trip to Ireland while out drinking with my friends.  I completed the "fly a kite" bucket list item because it was something to do, not something I had planned. I "learn[ed] the Thriller Dance" by showing up and supporting my college roommate while she performed it in a flash mob.

So please bear with me in the non-post days.  Those are my idle Tuesdays.  I'm either letting myself grow towards something great, like burying a grudge.  Or allowing for the possibility that something might just fall into my lap.  Likely while out drinking with friends ;)