Havasupai Falls - The Beginning

When someone invites you on a backpacking trip to "the coolest spot in AZ", you don't say no.  Note: High-fiving the air, doing a victory lap around your desk chair, or breaking down in interpretive dance are all acceptable options.  So is immediately requesting off work. One of folks from the Ireland trip (Parts: I, II, III, IV) lives in Phoenix and invited a bunch of us out to Havasupai Falls in September. It works out well because last Christmas, I got an actual backpacking backpack, but I had no immediate plans for actually using it.  Fast forward 8 months and what do you know?!  Great day.

Since the trip is only one month away, I'm in the stage commonly known as "getting my shit together".  I still need to get our flights, but we will be flying into Phoenix, and then hiking 10 miles into the Havasupai campground, where we will be staying for two nights.

So far, I've gotten the permits,as only allow a limited number of campers are allowed on the campgrounds at one time, have started some meal planning, and am taking inventory of my gear.  I'll keep you posted as things fall into place.