Run a 10K...Turned 10 Mile

Fact: I am not a runner.  I have crap knees from the yester-years of gymnastics, and I'm fairly certain that I look like a dying hippo when I run. Somehow, God had mercy on my soul and helped me finish my first 10-mile race.  Originally the goal was just to finish a 10k, but when the opportunity to run the 10-mile  presented itself, I...errr...ran with it.  This was one smelly post-race pic!

Joe, Lauren, and I at the end of the Lighthouse Run

Fact: Beer was an incentive and I made a shirt to broadcast my true motivation.

Will run for beer.

Fact: While Joelfel decided to channel Flash and finish in 1:12, Lauren and I discovered that we are kindred running souls, forever paced at 10 minutes per mile.  I wish this was approximate, but if you run an exact 10 minute mile for 10 miles, your time will be 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Our time guessed it.  1:40.

I honestly don't think I could not have finished the race without her running by me the whole time matching my stride, and our high-fives at mile markers.

Hauling ass to the finish line

Fact:  This is a classic awkward Aimee face.

So. Early.

Fact: This non-runner is going to sign up to for a half marathon.