Sweet Frog Had Some Mad Hops

The trip down to North Carolina was short and sweet.   Visiting with my long lost camping bud was a blast!  Let's rewind through the weekend...

I left early on Friday morning, drove to airport, and then proceeded to devour "Catching Fire", the second book in the Hunger Games series.  Quick side note: Katniss Everdeen is a baller.  I'm sick of of wimpy girls in RomComs.  This girl has mojo.

My friend picked me up from the airport, and we went back to her apartment in Fayetteville.  She has done such an amazing job in decorating and making it hers that I was more inspired than ever to start Operation: Move Out.  We hung out on her deck, soaking up the sun, drinking Red Stripes, and catching up on--you know--the past ten years ;)


Eventually we got hungry and ventured into town for dinner & FroYo.  I think both of us ate dinner with Sweet Frog on our minds.  A location had just opened down the road, and once I walked into the place I knew I was in trouble.  So many choices!!!  I settled on PB yogurt with waffle cone bits & angel food cake squares; my friend had some sort of fruit explosion.

After Sweet Frog, we contemplated a movie, but checking out Padmapper was so much more appealing.  I had never heard of this site before, but it's actually pretty nifty.  Basically, it's a big Google map that highlights all of the apartments, houses, or sublets within a certain radius of a city.  You put in your specifications--i.e. how many bedrooms? rent range? sublet or full lease?--and it earmarks every available option for you.  We checked out some "wish list" apartments for both of us--my friend wanted to check out some that would be available for her next work rotation, and I wanted another catalyst for aforementioned Operation: Move Out.

World Beer Fest

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and left for Raleigh to go to the World Beer Festival.  I had never been to a Beer Fest before--the only thing I can liken it to is a Career Fair that's a hell of a lot more fun.  People still go booth to booth but pretzel necklaces take the place of business professional attire and instead of an elevator speech, you're given a little 2 oz. pour.

We didn't make it to every booth on the map (you would have had to carry me out of there ;)), but favorites of the day were Boulder Beer's Hazed and Infused, Magic Hat's #9, and Butternuts Beer and Ale's Moo Thunder.

Here's a great, overall-free picture of us outside the tents!

Old buds

We stuck around Raleigh for a while after the Beer Fest and drove back to Fayetteville later that night.  We slept in on Sunday and then relaxed by the pool with some frozen daiquiris before I left for the airport.  Our little 2 oz glasses turned out to be multi-purpose ;)

Poolside margs

Poolside Margs

I'm so glad I got a chance to reconnect with an old friend--it makes you realize that two different people with a common childhood memories can grow up without growing apart.