Run Fast For Your Mother, Fast For Your Father

Remember how I temporarily lost my sanity and, in a moment of delusion, signed up to run 10 miles?

Yeah, me too.

I'm in for a rude awakening if I don't start racking up some serious mileage.  My friend Joelfel is also doing the race so he and I decided to on a game plan.  We will be responsible for our own running/training during the week, but on each weekend up until the race, we are committing to a virtual run.  This weekend's virtual run was set at 5 some point over the weekend I had to get this in.  Since we live in different states, it's a way for us to get some long runs in "together".

He brought up the use of the MapmyRun app, which will help track the distance of the route if running outside.  It decided to freeze here in Chicagoland, though, so yesterday I did my virtual run inside.  Check it out:


It was pitifully (embarrassingly?) slow, but I did it.  In a moment of pride, I started humming this song around mile 4.  Hey, I was up for anything to make the time go by :)