Boy Meets Girl

Last Sunday, my grandparents came over for dinner & Canasta, something akin to competitive rummy.  While you can play in an every-man-for-himself fashion, we prefer to play with two teams of three.  It's more fun when you have partners in crime! My grandpa is the king of Canasta.

King of Canasta

You don't get anything by him.  He's the referee ("a card thrown is a card played"), score keeper, and general bad-ass when it comes to this game.

Canasta Referee

After Canasta, we had cake & ice cream (or in our post-heart attack house, fat free iced treat :) ) in celebration of Grandma's birthday.  Isn't she radiant?

Grandma and Grandpa

Over the course of the night, I heard about my grandparent's first date--a blind one!  At the time, Grandpa's cousin was dating Grandma's roommate and they suggested the date.  At first, Grandma didn't want to go because she recently had her heart broken by a sailor, who ended things via a "Dear John" letter.  Eventually, though, Grandma relented and decided to go.  Grandpa picked her up in a green Buick Riviera with cream paneling, a graduation gift from his parents.  He gave her a gardenia corseage and they went dancing in Willowbrook.  Afterwards, my grandma's roommate asked, "So, what did you think of Joe?"

"He was a nice guy," my grandma said, "but does he ever shut up?"(For those of you that know my grandpa, this is especially hilarious, because he is currently a man of few words!)