Ireland, Part 1

Overheard on our last night in Ireland:  That was both the shortest and longest week of my life.   True. Story.  Last week was a marathon.  Let's review the mile markers.

Mile 1:  After a lot of this, security checkpoints, and a terrible in-flight movie, we encounter celebrities.  Jedward to be exact.  Never heard of them?  Neither had we, until we spot them in the local paper & find their YouTube video.

Jedward was on our flight

Mile 2: We bus it from the airport to the hotel & stop for lunch at a pub off of Grafton Street. Afterwards, a few of us leave to pick up the rental car.  My friend drives back to the hotel, which is no small feat.  Armed with three co-pilots (all telling him different things), driving on the wrong side of the road (from the wrong side of the car, no less!), and looking for streets with no markings (and that change names every few blocks)....welp, he is an all star!  We finally make it back to our hotel,  cool, calm, and collected ;)

Driving in Dublin--we didn't crash.  or kill each other.

Mile 3: We settle in.  Most of us take a few hours to nap & shower before heading out for the night.  One of the girls in our group of 13 (!) organized an Irish Music Pub crawl, which is a great way to kick off our first night in Dublin.  We start out at Oliver St. John Gogarty, where I drink my very first Guinness.  To be honest, I am expecting to not like it.  Color me shocked because--from the foamy head to the coffee-ish flavor--I fall in love.

First Guinness EVER!

Mile 4: I finish that Guinness and am ready for another one (hey, I am in Ireland!).  The group treks out to the upper level of Ha'Penny Bridge Inn, were we meet the musicians of the night.  Check out the video introduction here.  I learn that rashers is Irish bacon, and that by repeating "rashers n' sausages", you can help to keep time in an Irish jig.

Mile 5: After spending some time listening to music at Ha'Penny, we head to the basement of Madigans, where we listen to more music.  After the musicians from the pub crawl leave, we stay at Madigans to close it down.

Pub Crawling in Dublin

Mile 6: We make some friends that carry a tune , and cap off the night with a slice of the best. pizza. ever.

Best Pizza of my life!  (Alcohol was not a factor in this assessment ;) )

****Water Break*****  Miles 7 - 26.2 coming soon :)