Learn More About My Grandparents' Lives Firsthand

My cousins, Tara and Natalie were in the for the weekend, so we decided to all visit my grandparents. The surgery to remove the cancerous tumor is scheduled for Monday, so we wanted to see my grandpa one more time pre-surgery.  The doctors are really optimistic about the outcome of the surgery so please keep us in your prayers. My grandparents live across from a Colonial Cafe, so naturally we visited over some breakfast :)

Grandma and Grandpa Pesek

While chatting, my grandma told the most hilarious story about my grandpa.  I'm from a family of talkers borderline TMI-ers, so I can't believe I'd never heard this one before!  Here we go...

My grandpa has a very strong resolve.  If he puts his mind to something, he does it.  Period.  End of Story.  He quit smoking and drinking...both cold turkey.  I knew this, but I was surprised to hear what happened the day he decided to stop smoking.

When my uncle was little, he incessantly nagged Grandpa to stop smoking.  Grandma pulled my uncle aside and said that--while it was admirable to try to stop Grandpa's smoking--"Jesus Christ could come down and say 'stop smoking'....and Grandpa wouldn't listen."

The day Grandpa quit, he asked his secretary to fill all of the ashtrays with candy and threw out his cigarettes.  When came home that night, he walked in the door and announced that he had quit.  My uncle looks up at him and says "Dad!  Dad!  Did you meet Jesus Christ?!?!?!".

I was dying.  Too funny.  :D

What's your favorite story about your grandparents/parents?