Learn How to Make Sushi

Last Saturday, I learned that my Grandpa had a tumor in his colon that the doctor suspected was cancerous.  I was pretty upset about it...bad things appear to be happening in multiples of three over here!

The good news is that my friends are amazing.  They have helped me through so much this year, and this was no different.  They sent words of support & must have said lots of prayers because--although the tumor is malignant--the cancer has not spread.  He has surgery scheduled to remove the tumor, so please continue to keep us in your prayers!

When I told John about the tumor, he showed up at my doorstep--grocery bags in hand--ready to take my mind off of it.  I was shocked.  In those bags was everything you could possibly need to make sushi.  I'm such an amateur, but I think by the end I got it down!  Check it out...