Host a Cookie Exchange

This was, admittedly, a recent addition to the bucket list.  I had been perusing old posts on Tina's blog, Carrots and Cake, saw a post about a cookie exchange she attended, and decided that I HAD to host something like that.  How could you go wrong?

Friends + cookies = success.

Cookie Exchange - Full Spread

Ready to dig in

Some friends from Marquette, the Buffett crew, and a few grade school friends all brought cookies to pass.  I asked each person to bring 2 dozen cookies,  3 dozen if they were baking on behalf of a significant other as well.  We had more than enough cookies for each person to assemble a plate to take home and there were some left overs too.  Check out the spread:

John's chocolate covered hot peppers.  These puppies were hot! The pepper on the left is filled with PB, the center one with dark chocolate, and the one on the right is rolled in bacon!

Joe's gingerbread men.  This one is Bears player, Devin Hester :)

Lauren's chocolate fudge cookies, Michelle's toffee cookies, Kate's  snickerdoodles, Sarah's chocolate coffee cookies

A little bit of everything!

Brigid's peppermint meringues, Kate's rice krispie treats, & my star cut-outs

Glenn's lemon bars & my heart healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

After filling up a plate of everyone's cookies to take home, we ordered some pizza and played "Celebrity" (a three-round take on charades) while munching on sweets.

The night was a success, the most difficult part was finding common availability in busy December schedules.  I look forward to doing it again in the future sometime!  Happy Christmas, everyone!