Festival of the Vine

Someone once tried to convince me that chocolate is a vegetable.  They claimed that eating chocolate fulfilled the 9-a-day requirement since--technically--the cocoa bean was a plant. Normally I'd disagree, but I'm in need of some rationalization because I had chocolate for dinner on Friday night.  I'd feel a heck of a lot better about that decision if each decadent truffle was on par with a carrot.  

Let's relive my tour de veggie...

Cream truffle and Sauvignon Blanc blend

Dark Chocolate, PB,  and Banana Truffle & Chardonnay

Aztec truffle

Dark Chocolate truffle and Pinot Gris

Pistachio truffle

Truffle made with local honey

I forgot to take a picture of the last station, which had a dark chocolate hazelnut truffle with Pedro Romero Cream Sherry.  From prior experience, I don't care much for sherry, but I decided to try it again.  It must of been pretty good sherry because my opinion of it went from "terrible" to just "really really bad".

Part of this bucket list item was to know which kinds I like and which kinds are better left in a dusty cellar somewhere.  This part was surprisingly easy.

  • If white ---->>> then Pinot Gris or Chardonnay
  • If red---- >>> then Cab Sav & Pinot Noir
  • If Sav. Blanc or Merlot of Sherry ---->>>  then dusty cellar somewhere

Besides my obscene amount of chocolate, the whole evening was a blast.  The alley between the two Graham's locations--the original chocolate shop and a neighboring sister cafe--was decorated beautifully and had a really mellow ambiance.  Brigid and I made some new wine-loving friends and the rain held off just enough to not drench us.

The alleyway between Graham's Chocolate Shop and Graham's sister cafe

Wandering between stations

What service!

Partners in Crime - Graham's Wine Tasting 2011