Well Twist My Arm...Wine Tasting

There's a reason why Brigid and I are friends.  The core of our friendship is built on the simple fact that--as friends since grade school--we've done a lot of growing up together.   Then there's our shared love of Buffett, our culinary adventures, and our agreement that Lady GaGa is crazy.

Buffett Concert 2011


I think my favorite part of our friendship, though, is that we often text/email with things like: "I just heard about (insert cannot-pass-up deal or a fun activity here)...WE'RE DOING THIS!".

The latest WE'RE DOING THIS happened last week.   Brigid told me about a wine tasting/chocolate pairing event at Graham's Chocolates. The event is part of the overall Festival of the Vine in Geneva.  

I can't say what makes me more excited--the wine tasting or the chocolate that goes with it :) Stay tuned for Friday!