Own a Dog

Have you ever met a Renaissance Dog?  Allow me to introduce you to Indy and Duke... They are considered top model material  - seriously how can you look at these faces and not have your heart melt eve-ry time!?!

Indy keeping me company

Duke has only child syndrome

They faithfully guard against intruders.

Always keeping watch

They are expert cuddlers.  The best in the biz.

He thinks he's a lap dog

They are also masters of the 20 minute power nap.

Life is SO hard as a dog

And.....they even help with homework!

That looks like an right triangle to me, Marc.

 I'm going to get a dog of my own once I move out of my parents' house.  I know I'll gravitate toward a larger breed, like the American Mastiff.

Bigger dogs = bigger personalities = more to love :)