Collect Something from all 50 States - Pint Glasses

The item that I will collect from all 50 States is a pint glass of a local brew.  I wish I would have thought of this earlier, though!  Currently I only have three (one from each of the last three trips).

Moosedrool from Yellowstone National Park

Blueberry Ale from Bar Harbor, Maine

Santa Fe, NM  (my margarita was served in this!)

I'm thinking about surfing online for pint glasses of the places I went to before I thought of this idea.  In order to get myself up to speed, I would need one from:

  • New Buffalo MI
  • Lewiston ID
  • Henderson TX, \Orlando FL, Charleston SC,
  • Hayward WI,
  • Indiana (preferably with an IU logo on it).  

Any suggestions?