Favorites from Santa Fe

Sante Fe, New Mexico has a cool vibe going on.  Native American and Spanish influence, coupled with huge art scene makes it interesting just to wander around the town and people watch.  Here are some of my favorite images that really capture the heart of this town.

The Land of Enchantment.  Sounds corny, but after being there for a few days you start to think those license plate designers may just know what they're talking about.

Land of Enchantment

The Historic Route 66 goes right through downtown Sante Fe.

Get your kicks on Route 66

Native American Vendors Program outside the Palace of the Governors.

Picking up some souvenirs

Local artists.  This painting came home with me (thanks to Aunt Jenny, Aunt Pat, Gay, & Pam!!!)

"It's called 'Aspen Awakening'"

Adobe houses in town.

Definitely in the southwest

Cross of the Martyrs, stark white against a beautiful blue sky.


Before I sign off for the day, let's check in with the bucket list...

More fun in NM

More fun in NM