Bar Harbor, Maine

Our trip to Maine was a success although--admittedly--not without some minor road bumps.  Even with the almost-missing suitcase, a flight delay, and my terrible navigation skills, we ended up having an awesome long weekend on the Northeast coast.    There's so much to tell, so in order to avoid word vomiting (nice visual, I know :) ), I thought I'd do this post Nat-Geo style...a bunch of "Did You Knows".  Enjoy!

Did you know...that in Bar Harbor, they call this a "cottage".  Yeah.  Mmmhmmm.  Nice shack (!).

Bar Harbor's "Cottage"

Did you know...that I discovered the most delicious summer beverage on the face of this planet?  I was doubtful that the basil lemonade from Cafe This Way in Bar Harbor could taste good, but I will admit that these ingredients (freshly squeezed lemonade, muddled basil, vodka, and a splash of tonic water) go perfectly well together.  It's so refreshing on a summer night!

Basil Vodka Lemonade

Did you know.... that lobstermen in Maine pull millions of pounds of lobster out of the ocean each year.  In order to avoid overfishing one of the most valuable resources in the state, Maine has very stringent conservation policies.

  1. Lobsters are nocturnal, but it is forbidden to raise or haul a lobster trap between sunset and sunrise during the peak season.
  2. Lobster traps must have biodegradable escape panels to release lobsters from traps that are lost while fishing.
  3. All lobstermen must V-notch the tail of a lobster if it is carrying eggs and then release it.  The notch will naturally fill in over the course of a few years, but as long as the notch remains (regardless of whether or not they are carrying eggs) the lobster is illegal to possess.

Learning about lobster fishing

Did you know...that lobsters can regenerate lost limbs?  We got to see one that was in the process of doing just that.

Just growing back a claw, NBD

Did you know...that a harbor seal can plunge 300 feet and stay underwater for up to 28 minutes?  When they're not doing this, though, they're quite lazy....

Lazy sea lions

Did you know...the the Gorge Path in Acadia National Park is more of a climb than a hike?  My mom and I followed this all the way up to the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Gorge Trail

This way to Cadillac Mountain

On top of the mountain!

Did you know...that the trail to Bar Island is only hike-able at low tide?  Yep, that's right...we had kayaked over this part of the bay about 10 hours ago, and now we walked over dry land to the island.

Crossing at low tide to Bar Island

Low tide treasures

Did you know...that I draw the line at lobster ice cream?!?!  Haha, this is the one thing I needn't ever try :)


Did you know...that I'm one state closer ?

Adding Maine to the map

Adding Maine to the map