Les Choristes

I'm sure I'll come up with a ranking system once I find the other movies in my top five, but Les Choristes definitely deserves a place on the list.  The story line is simple. Clément Mathieu—a failed composer—arrives at Fond de L'Etang, a boarding school for incorrigible World War II orphans. Fond de L'Etang’s headmaster has adopted a disciplinary policy called “action-réaction”, and cruel punishment awaits anyone who steps out of line. Clément Mathieu sees that “action-réaction” only encourages the boys to become craftier in causing trouble, so he secretly starts his own disciplinary experiment.  He is compassionate, earns the boys’ trust, and ultimately finds something that inspires them to stay out of trouble—his music.

I think it is a testament to this film's awesom-ness that both of my teenaged brothers and father watched Les Choristes and were spellbound.  It’s impossible not to fall in love with this movie!  Here is my favorite clip of the entire movie:

The search for the other four continues...