Trip Planning

Airfare – check!  Lodging – check! 

Transportation while there – that’s a w.i.p. 

Now that logistics are worked out, I can get excited about what we’ll do while we’re there.  Our destination is Maine (!) and it seems crazy to me that it's only one month away.  My mom and I started dreaming about this AGES ago. We've adopted the divide-and-conquer strategy.

My mom is a fantastic cook and gets excited about trying new foods, so she’s in charge of scoping out restaurants.  Wherever she chooses, my restaurant experience will be complete with some lobster and some blueberries—but not together of course :).

My job is to see what’s available for active travelers.  I like relaxing just as much as the next person, but I would become certifiably insane if I had to lie on a beach the entire time.  So far, I have three things that I’m really excited about:

Sea Kayaking:  Coastal Kayaking Tours offers a sunset trip that paddles along the coastline of Mount Desert Island & Acadia National Park.  I called once I found it and reserved a spot for us.  I just hope it doesn't rain!

Lobster:  Yep, I want to eat it.  But I also want to learn about the industry in Maine (NERD alert).  I found something that will hopefully be really informative—LuLu Lobster Boat Rides.  Ya'll can think what you want, but I am definitely doing this :).

Hiking in Acadia National Park: There would be absolutely NO excuse for us not to hike around Acadia, especially since we are staying at a B&B so close to the park entrance.

The countdown has begun.  I’ll sure I’ll be back with more pictures/details!