Mother / Daughter Trip

Another trip is on the horizon!  In the form of a mother/daughter weekend! 

For my mom, she’s looking forward to the type of trip that the men in my family would never agree to (read: bed and breakfasts, hiking, copious amounts of wine). 

For me, I’m looking forward to having some time to explore a new place with my mom….and cross another state off my list, which currently looks like this:

Current state status

Current state status

In order to color in a state, I have some ground rules:

  1. A connection in an airport does NOT mean I get to count the state it’s in.
  2. Simply driving through a state does not count.
  3. I have to stay long enough in the state to really get a feel of the atmosphere.
  4. If I don’t remember being in a state (i.e. parents took me when I was young)…yep, it doesn’t count.

More details to come about when—and where!