Sleep Underneath the Stars

I grew up camping with my family.  My brothers and I weren't scared of getting dirty—we hiked through tick-infested woods, caught frogs with our bare hands, swam in lakes and ponds, etc. As the sun started to sink however, we became less audacious and never EVER would have considered sleeping outside the confines of our tent.  You know the stories.  Bigfoot is out there. Duh.

I never got up the guts to actually just sleep outside, unsheltered, until I was a college graduate.  Adam and I were on a multi-day whitewater rafting trip—a graduation gift from my parents.  As if that weren't the most amazing gift ever, they let us pick which outfitter we wanted to use and our destination.  I scoured the web, went through my normal trip-planning “due-diligence”, and settled on ROW Adventures, a family owned and run adventure company that runs trips all over the world.  [This company, along with the owners are amazing, and I've already cherry picked my next adventures. I could go on and on....]

We chose a 4-day trip in Idaho through Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America (betcha thought that the Grand Canyon was…I did too initially ;) ) The guides on the trip had no fear at all about sleeping outside in the open.  Even if it were raining out, they’d just rig a makeshift tent with a tarp. All of them did it voluntarily, so I figured that they must have been on to something.

The first night, I chickened out because it was raining.  But I when I woke up, I couldn't believe what was just outside my front door…the Snake River and the mountains of Idaho & Oregon.

Goooooood morning!

I needed to up the brave factor if I was going to sleep outside.

So we rafted the deepest gorge…

Rafting the Snake

Hiked along some winding mountain trails…

Long Hike Through Hell's Canyon

Took a picture at the edge of a very high cliff...

God's Country

And explored...

Adam - Hell's Canyon

On our second evening on the river, we pitched camp in this beautiful spot.


Adam and I laid out our sleeping bags to have a front-row and center view of the spectacular night sky.  Deep in Hell's Canyon, there was a certain hush that fell over the campsite so we felt like we were the only ones in the world who could take in the beauty.  And the best part?  There wasn't a Bigfoot in sight.

Sleeping Outside

I'm very proud to check two things off my bucket list with this--sleeping underneath the stars and visiting a new state!  Check annnnnd check!

Helllllo Idaho!

Helllllo Idaho!