Try Yoga

When writing my bucket list, the thought of trying yoga sounded so eclectic, so chic, and something that my older self would most definitely try.

I definitely tried it.  

And it definitely sucked.  

To be fair, I think that the conditions in my yoga experiment were flawed.  I did a free class at my local gym during the 6pm rush hour, so it was extremely crowded.  I used one of the communal mats that had residual sweat on it, which would have been disgusting enough if the man in front of me hadn't had intestinal problems.  To make matters completely worse, the yoga instructor seemed to hone in on me and my orange shirt.  He would draw attention to my toppling tree pose by calling out things like, "Come on, Little Orange".  I got a better work out RUNNING out of the studio than I did the entire class.

I'd like to try yoga again, perhaps when the conditions are a little better.  My mom just enrolled in some classes at a local studio, so who knows? Maybe she can teach me some moves :)